Linotype has made an enormous impact on the type industry for over a century, continuously producing high-quality, world-renowned fonts. Part of the secret to the longevity of Linotype’s success is the fact that the company has been under the leadership of some of the industry’s most prominent figures. One such leader was Mike Parker, a trailblazer in type, who played a major part in turning type design into a digital medium. It was because of innovative thinkers like him that Linotype’s Helvetica typeface became one of the world’s most-used typefaces. The library, which is also home to legendary fonts Frutiger and Univers, offers typefaces with universal appeal and exceptional quality whose styles span the typographic spectrum. With some of today’s best sellers like the Avenir, Helvetica Neue, Trade Gothic and DIN Next typefaces in its collection, it’s no wonder that Linotype’s library has enjoyed an almost unparalleled longevity and revere in the type industry.


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